2022 Language Sets

Pan Asian Publications proudly presents Language Sets - a collection development program designed specifically for small libraries without language experts to select materials and catalog books in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Each language contains three sets. Each set consists of 20 books:

  Chinese Adult Fiction

  Chinese Adult Non-Fiction

  Chinese Juvenile

  Japanese Adult Fiction

  Japanese Adult Non-Fiction

  Japanese Juvenile

  Korean Adult Fiction

  Korean Adult Non-Fiction

  Korean Juvenile

  Vietnamese Adult Fiction

  Vietnamese Adult Non-Fiction

  Vietnamese Juvenile

To order please fill out & submit the Language Sets Order Form

Price per set:

Chinese & Vietnamese: US$700   Japanese & Korean: US$800
Price includes the cost of the books, cataloging, and shipping.
Physical processing is available upon request and its cost is extra. For more information please login to CJKV.com and click Collection Sets.